Saturday, March 25, 2006


Question marks the sunbeam
Hollowed out tree trunks
We used to play as kids
War, hide n seek, balloons
Hollowed out ponds and pools
to skate in off on
dirty kids with nothing to do
planning and designing
making music with buckets

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Alms For The Poor aka Me

Please, sir or madam, could you purchase for me a Nikon D70 w/lenses and tripod?

thanky thanky

Monday, March 20, 2006

Instant Panic

Doctors comfort
sounds in ultrawaves
show us healthy movement.

Who delegates the right to
make me sick?

Simplify your explanations...
don't take my/your water!

5 inch needles into my stomach
just to find out if you're...

...going to be normal...
...going to be smart...
...going to need assistance...

They quote statistics...

"2 percent! 2 percent chance he'll have Downs Syndrome...but if you think of it this way, Mrs. E, its a 98 percent chance he'll be normal. Doesn't that sound so much better? Don't blame yourself, its a genetic fluke. There's nothing you could have done...Anyway (so casually...) you'll find out in 10 days. Thats when we get the results back"

but I wonder (every second of the day/night)...

Could I have taken my vitamins with better frequency?
Did I take enough folic acid? Am I too old to have a baby?

...I have prayed outloud for days. I won't stop anytime soon.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Modern Age of Ubiquity

In this country you gotta make the money first
then you get the power
First chance look at afterbirth phonetics
A real clam shell
positively ape
a no mans lands of forbidden fruits
quasi spiritual
true and robust in it's nature

Lounge around the camp fire
it's brisk here
earth gnomes and feather people
vibrating tongues
leather eyes
a satchel for pebbles and bone
all's quiet on the western front

Here we bring in the trash
and put out the clothes
naked vibrant and celestial
rampant laughter and thoughts
nonstop chatter
the ebb and flow of time
its all that matters

Paint a picture for me
call it The Modern Age of Ubiquity
I'll put it away
bring it out in a year
and we can sit around it drinking tea
and talk about what a lovely thought it was
and how the lines bring us back
to the day
when the world was a simple place

Friday, March 03, 2006

Don't You Know Its Nighttime?

Hey, those are my ribs
my bones you shove.
your tiny feet...or are they

Sleeping I lie, your
fathers arm tucked around
me from behind me...
as usual.

That's when you
decide its
time to move your legs
time to move your arms

hey, are these ribs?
I'll just kick them
they're in my way

Selfish, but allowed to be
my son already
and I'm totally
in love.

Loving you has...

made me love me
made him love him
made us love eachother...again.