Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Intro song to Dr Who.

I've been trying to figure out where this song came from for the last couple years. It was in my head but I didn't know from where. I stumbled upon info on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop who produced the theme song for Dr. Who. Hartnell was behind the titles and was the original Dr Who. This video shows the different variations to the title. Interestingly enough the show ran for 26 seasons from 1963 to 1989. I believe the show aired on PBS as I didn't live in England growing up but Southern California. I used to watch PBS a lot and don't really remember the show but the intro song stuck with me all these years.


Pirate Alice said...

FYI- The Sci-Fi channel has aired the latest season of Dr Who. Series 2 of the newest incarnation begins later this month.

shark like a fox said...

i'll admit it --- i used to watch the show obsessively as a youngster. tom baker was my favorite Dr. he also played Puddleglum on the BBC version of The Silver Chair.

i'm the hugest geek ever

Alli said...

no, kris, don't feel bad. I'd sneak out of bed at night to do what? What you ask? To watch Dr. Who over my parent's shoulders. Not to go outside and party with the other neighborhood kids (I was like 10) but to watch this show. Hi, I'm Alli and I'm a geek.

shark like a fox said...

i wish i was a Time Lord.

i had to enter the code "mcrfuff" to comment. McRfuff. McrFuff. mCrFuff.