Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dressing up hot for halloween?

Halloween is a great time to dress up like a hot, sexy lady.. I mean other then every other day of the year of course. This year playboy has released some hot playboy halloween costumes you can pick up for halloween this year.

They're by far the best playboy costumes for 2008 I've seen.

Oh and don't forget to drink your weight loss tea snazzlers.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beck Gamma Ray Video

OMG Beck's new album Modern Guilt is flipping awesome. Here's the latest video.

What David Lynch thinks about watching a film on your iphone

David Lynch on watching a film on the iphone:

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Russell & Tate got me $27,000. And a new lease on life.

If you've been injured on the job, or you are the victim of an accident, you may be entitled to a sizable cash settlement. No one knows this better than Russell and Tate.

Testimonial #1: Russell & Tate got me $27,000. And a new lease on life.

Russell: We're gonna git yo' money.

Tate: Damn straight!

Russell: You can bet your sweet ass we'll git it!

Tate: No bull.

[ cut to Husband & Wife in their kitchen ]

Husband: We wer very concerned after the accident.

Wife: We didn't know who to turn to, so we called Russell & Tate.

Husband: We got a lot of money. $150,000.

[ cut back to Russell & Tate ]

Tate: It's like this: if somebody has your money, we're gonna git it.

Russell: Thay can't have your money!

Tate: That's right. Unless they want a piece of Russell & Tate!

Russell: Oh, yeah!

[ Russell & Tate laugh, and clap their fists together ]

Testimonial #2: I called Russell & Tate, and told them I wanted money.

[ cut back to Russell & Tate ]

Russell: Your money is not their money!

Tate: No, it ain't! You gotta get your money! They ain't supposed to have it! So, we gonna git it, or I don't know what.

Russell: Well, I do! [ they laugh ] Yeah, we gonna git it! You gotta understand - Tate, here, is one very mean brother with a degree from Harvard Law, and he will go crazy academic on your ass if you try to mess with somebody's money!

Tate: Let me rap to them for a minute, Russell. Listen, y'all - you ain't even seen the inside of Hell until Russell comes busting down on you with his big-ass experience as a former editor of the American Law Review!

[ cut to Testimonial #3 ]

Testimonial #3: When I first saw Russell & Tate, I knew that these guys would get me money. I mean, Russell Johnson was my law professor at Harvard, and Tate Witherspoon has argued hundreds of successful Supreme Court cases. Bottom line? They get you your money.

[ cut back to Russell & Tate ]

Tate: $200.. $300.. $2,000, it don't matter, we gonna git it!

Russell: That's right! $8,000.. $17,000.. $400,000, I don't care - we gonna git it all! I wasn't an expert witness in the Microsoft Anti-Trust Case, and a president of the New York Bar for six years so I could sit up on my ass and not get your money!

Tate: That's right, Russell! And I didn't bust my hump doing a federal judgeship, and all those appointments at the Congressional Committee so some bitch could steal your knot!

Russell: No diggity!

Tate: You know what I'm saying!

Russell: Oh, yeah, we gonna git your money!

Tate: Straight up!

Russell: Damn!

Tate: Damn!

Announcer: Russell & Tate. Attorneys At Law.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle

This video won the Grammy award for Best video in Sweden!

Familjen - Det snurrar i min skalle
Web version 2007
Director: Johan Söderberg
Labels: Adrian recordings/HYBRIS/House of Tellé

Honors for this video(20/9-07)
#58 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Music
#21 - Top Rated (This Week) - Music
#56 - Top Favorites (This Week)
#14 - Top Favorites (This Week) - Music (less)

Best Thing Ever

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Durham NC Pet Sitting Services

Are you looking for Durham pet sitting services in Durham, NC? If so please click that link and visit that site.

Serving Southwest Durham
including the communities of

* Woodcroft
* Woodlake
* Hope Valley Farms
* Eagle Point
* Chancellors Ridge
* Huntington Ridge
* Chelsea Meadows

Looking for a Durham pet sitter?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

REM Release New Album Accelerate

REM's releasing a new album this year on April 1st (april fools day) called Accelerate.

A website called NineteyNights is displaying high definition video clips every day from January 1st to build anticipation for the new album. Go check it out.

It's about time REM released something new!