Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Breathe Deeply

My most favorite time of day is when the sun is down, the moon is out and the sky is still blue, not yet black. I could walk down silent streets feeling the cool air mixed with the warmth still coming from the ground that was heated by the day. God, I could walk in that forever.

A little town with pubs starting to liven, tiny sounds of people laughing, dishes clinking in a kitchen...preparing dinner for early birds who drink beer by the pint. Shop owners turning the signs from "Open" to "Closed", streetlights blinking on, softly illuminating the streets that look wet from the gentle atmosphere surrounding this tragically beautiful hour.

Whomever named "12 oclock midnight" the witching hour certainly didn't take the time to notice the obvious magic that is dusk.

I dream about this every night. The same old friends are always there, the friends I only see in my dreams now...

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