Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Everyone get bloggy

Smack your blog up! Professor Tunnel Vision Espress© says "get your blog on". That's the word on the street as of 1-89-0006. Filter mutation has swayed textual emotion since the inception of consciousness. Now with sloppy joe home delivery packs everyone can enjoy blogging as well as meat filled bread mitts. Forget the light sockets these bread mitts light themselves! Inside your guts mind you. Tungsten delivers extra vitamins as well as random black outs. Internal bleeding means your succeeding in life and brain hemorrhaging means your a successful blogger.

Sidenote: People will soon be able to get blogstamps at their local foodmart to be able to blog.

George Washington once said "I would like to someday be able to convey my thoughts with my hands without using a pen and see them on a magic light screen inwhich the whole world will be able to access and view." Please note this was George Washington Carver not the first president. Carver was noted as being crazy and people were afraid of his fascination with the peanut. Anyhoo...

What this means is if you aint blogging you ain't bleedin. And if you ain't bleedin then you certainly don't deserve no damn sloppy joe snackwhich. And if you don't deserve a sloppy joe, well then you just ain't livin.

So, blog up! Carver didn't invent the computer for nuttin.


indygirl said...

I didn't want your damn Sloppy Joe anyway.

Nightmare said...

what the fuck are you yammering about?

Atomic Bombshell said...

Mmmm... Sloppy Joes!