Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Sometimes I sit in the bath listening to Morrisey and then I wonder if I'm being a little dramatic, which only makes me laugh, then sadly cry at the fact that I'm absolutely crazy. Plus, I can drive a boat (which I already knew but the other day in my bathtub I remembered it), which is handy if we ever all go on a cruise and el capitan dies at the wheel. Score.

Yo, find a mug for me thats so big I have to strain to pick it up.

I am dreaming SO weird lately. Hm. Oh, and sometimes I'm Audrey Hepburn and my scarf starts to blow off and my best friend Kris, who is Bridget Bardot in my dreams, well she comes over and ties it tight around my chin and says "darling, you mustn't wear it so loose, the seagulls will have an absolute HAYday with it!" and tromps off.

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