Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Path Home

I'm pressing the doorbell of someone's apartment I don't know. The bell doesn't ring, it shorts out and creates a static short circuiting sound. The kind of sound a car battery makes when I accidentally touch one of the terminals with incorrect jumper cables. I press it once and my life changes. I press it twice and my ears reinvent themselves. I keep pressing and this song arises. Head now nodding, a baker comes outside across the street with a broom. He starts strumming it like a new-age mod rockstar. A homeless man asleep behind a few trash cans starts drumming on lids. People open up their windows and start waving arms, dancing. A girl in an apartment slowly gets up, opens her door and begins to decend the stairs from the 5th floor. She sings with a soft voice.


Nightmare said...

You have got to stop smoking PCP!

RC said...

Wish I could lose weight by pressing a button, but with my luck I'll probably start a band to, which is cool, specially if my friend OLd Lady Bags joins in shaking her bags, just hope they don't break!