Monday, October 23, 2006

Old Stuff I wrote a long time ago

Ever go through your old computer files and stumble upon weird stuff?
I found this from long ago.

bleeding from the thumb
hit on by the fridge
last glass unites with
liquid spells of delight

master your consequence
feel and unite
these are the days

ice cubes tingle the tongue
black glass and polyurethane
unite the senses
afterglows remembrances

thee eternal now is now
pint shots and how
we used to be
always what we wanted to be

longitude by attitude
120 degress
left out in the open
moths express and light

clothes for overshadowing
cars for overtravelling
lets get it together
hot spells in summer

positive and negative


we like it
blenders blending cars
trash compacting jars
life compacting life
whats going on

Carla is a jerk
you know what is going on
guys banging in the background
fucked over for drug money
uh huh

never ending lunch time
smashing goldfish in the back
ringer rings the call bell
singer sings the knife spell
stab in the heart is content

s is for sake
sake for going on and on
letters imprint themselves
nothing matters
mothers matter

Question marks represent
words drift in decent
push comes to death
very well we are here
every well disappears

clouds in formation
unite only in your mind
diffusion and unison
h after I
backward sounds us

lifelines shoot forth
under called by force
jungles rely on earth
we are the jungle
children singing 46 days


plastic bags for reaching in,
linen soft touch for breathing
keys for journals and others
lipstick gloss and velour feel
lights shadow the street night

the electricity that is you is me
the ever connections
star glaze and math
optical illusions
lets forget the last seconds

sun breath and touch
we are the last and beginning torch
ever fire and ever ice
pinnacle and tow everlasting
your body dances in delight

pitch the last second thoughts
nothing and everything at once
joined together and forever shall be
this is the now
this is the end

never leaving never expiring
only thing that is left is laughter
move on
its what matters
its what is staying


I lifted my arms
and the winds picked up
I lifted my arms
and lights shut off

I controll the leaves
that wave in the breeze
I am the leaves
that wave in the breeze

I am the ever pressing buttons
the ever expressing language
that speaks these words
that you hear

In your own head
I am there
as you are here
and always will be

Always in the middle
between edge and edge
breath and breath
life and life


All original by Jeff :)

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Sissy Spacek said...

i remember all of this