Thursday, November 02, 2006

Now If Edward Norton and Brad Pitt Would Just Show Up...

I'm going to go see Chuck Palahniuk this weekend at First Friday. First Friday is an art festival here in Vegas, we love it. Our good friend Brooks' best friend Brian runs the Art Factory here, and they sponsor the whole event. Its like mardi gras, except with art/music/literature. Anywho...

Chuck P. wrote Fight Club among many other twisted stories. He is, to be quite honest, my idol. He's a sick fuck, but he's the most amazing man ever. He's also gay, but you'd never know it. I loves him so much.

First time we saw him in person was a few years ago. I went down to see M. in So. Cal. as I did every 2 weeks, and we drove into LA to an old famous theater. We waited in line around the block with our tickets and once we got in, I surprised M. with the fact that I'd bought reserved seats, in the second row. Chuck P. gave a lecture about how he thinks up all the twisted shit in his books and how he writes, and his methodology. I'm a writer so this was literally the most fucking amazing thing I'd ever been to. Anyway, to make the night better, after he spoke to us, he sat down in front of us (i could touch him) and was like "ok! Now! Lets watch Fight Club together! FUCKIN A!"

and we watched that damn movie with him...the man who thought up everything, wrote the brilliant book, picked the awesome music for the movie (i love me some dust brothers). It was one of the best nights of my life. On the hour drive home from LA to M's house, it was a clear starry night. I said to M "dude, the only thing that could make this night better is if it would rain" and I swear to God, people, it started sprinkling about 10 minutes later out of nowhere. Hot damn.

So anyway, this weekend...he's going to be at First Friday as the Keynote speaker. Its a "book" themed festival this month. Holy, seriously, I'm so excited I cannot tell you. Art, movies, books...Chuck P.

Heaven? Is that you?

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