Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Past Conversations of yesteryear gone by my dear friend

DsgnService: steal the eats, breaklunch you wealthy abyss
recyc9000: thor's middle extended through atmospheric ruby
DsgnService: extensions of the past .god
recyc9000: copy paste inhibit
DsgnService: preforated abandon left envelopes of turnkey waste, new patterns to the voluminous lifestyle
recyc9000: congratulations panther your meat feels slippery down the soft turn of our dinner fest
DsgnService: cusps the handshake of a million tribes
recyc9000: cranberry explosion of fluid emission
DsgnService: new wholesale glands stay 2 free nights
recyc9000: relapse the national credit motive in discreet parcels to be sold at the westinghouse fashion mall
DsgnService: buy 1 get 10 free minus arms
DsgnService: the blistfull wintertime wonder that creeps through the feet and makes the arms remote the hands to various sing sing rhythm
recyc9000: sock puppet infedelity in the frozen hemisphere cross strung innocense
DsgnService: puppets request the robot text and save the new sovereign state
recyc9000: holy shit is this actually on that monument?
DsgnService: I think so
DsgnService: we should make our way to new york at some point
DsgnService: im building the directory right now, thats how I found that site
recyc9000: directory for what?
recyc9000: new york?
DsgnService: yeah
DsgnService: we need an office here
recyc9000: for a rockerfeller company this site is lacking
DsgnService: yeah
DsgnService: yankee stadium doesnt even have a site
recyc9000: for real? wtf??????/
recyc9000: get on it
DsgnService: ill put a pic of a ball and a glove and the word why
DsgnService: i got a book on this lost city of Petra
recyc9000: fuckin crazy
DsgnService: hell yeah, city is 2000 plus years old carved out of the sides of this mysterious rock, its also in the bible
DsgnService: we can go there and shit
DsgnService: j-lo's wax arse
recyc9000: hahaha, new york is the city of dreams
recyc9000: ya i'd be down to peeps the ancient ruins round the globe
DsgnService: yeah, what I read was awesome, you gots to take a tour on a donkey to get to that city
DsgnService: a dude will guide you there for money
DsgnService: thats where we will have our visions
recyc9000: hahahah now we're talking...that's indiana jones shit
recyc9000: fuck ya, talk to mohamadean angels lookin for a fix
DsgnService: 2000 years of history could lead to some serious mind alteration
recyc9000: hell ya
DsgnService: drinking fermented cacti plants and peyote
recyc9000: alright man i'm outta this slumhole...i'll be in context
DsgnService: yeah, laters goomba
recyc9000: latex
DsgnService: lates

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