Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good Vibrations

When I was a kid I used to play in a band that air strummed to Beach Boy songs. I sang along while pretending to play my electronic kids guitar and my friend drummed. We played for a few weeks and usually played to "surfer girl", "surfin usa" and "surfin safari". I knew all the words and really got into it. We thought we were good. What was it about the beach boys that got us going? Maybe it was growing up in California with the whole surfer image and good vibes thing happening. It was the late seventies and I don't remember a better time to be a kid.

A great female vocal group from Glasgow gives off that same vibe with beach boys sounding licks. Check out Camera Obscura. Check out their album "underachievers please try harder".


Alli said...

I've loved them for about 2.5 years, maybe 3. My favorite song is a tie between Eighties Fan and Houseboat from the Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi album. Good stuff...definately on my iPod's frequently played list.

Dr.Ajax said...

i'm a fan of suspended from class, myself.